Since his birth, on October 17th 1976, Sina’s heart and soul has been wrapped around TV and radio. Growing up, he was incredibly enthusiastic about different programs, and clearly remembers wanting to be part of that world. At the age of 19, while he was studying at university, he started his first job as a radio presenter in Iran for Radio Farhang, and after a short period of time he was transferred to Radio Varzesh.
After earned a bachelor’s degree in Art, he continued his education and got a master’s degree in Communication & Media.
When he was 25 years old and still continuing his job on the radio, his natural talent for presenting transitioned into TV. Sina began his first appearance as a TV host focusing on sports and leisure. 
Alongside his career as a radio and TV presenter, he started his dubbing profession, narrating for TV commercials and working as a producer for different projects related to art and culture. One of the most interesting ones being the voice over for the Harry Potter audio book series in Farsi. 
His hard work, talent and dedication was rewarded in 2004 when Sina was selected as the best presenter of the year at the Television and Radio festival in Iran.
Sina left Iran at the age of 29 to carry on his professional career and to broaden his international experience. Currently, he is working as the Production Manager for Farsi1 as well as presenting and hosting different programs for this channel.
He currently lives with his wife and family between the UAE and England. 
For the first time ever, the famous international game show ‘Deal or No Deal’ is being produced in Farsi (‘Tamaam Ya Davaam’), which is hosted and presented by Sina Valiollah. 
Chand Shanbeh is a weekly one-hour late night comedy talk show on Farsi1 created and presented by Sina Valiollah. Each showing is centered on a particular topic, mostly related to the social and cultural nuances of the Farsi speaking population, especially Iranians. This includes people living in Iran and those residing abroad.